Virtual Care

Excelicare® Virtual Care

The healthcare landscape is undergoing a significant transformation, propelled by a convergence of several factors.  From patients who see themselves as “consumers” and expect access to care from anywhere at any time, to care providers who face increased demand on their services at a time when there are less persons in their field; from ballooning costs faced by payors, to populations that increasingly comprise individuals dealing with, or at the risk of, long term clinical conditions.

Excelicare’s Virtual Care solutions can help you and your patients successfully navigate these challenges.  Offering a rich portfolio of capabilities that are built on our proven, extensible platform and delivered in our secure, scalable, healthcare-compliant cloud, Excelicare’s Virtual Care solutions are positioned to meet the needs of today’s rapidly evolving care-delivery landscape in a price-friendly manner.

Excelicare’s Virtual Consult gives providers added flexibility in how, when, and where to engage with patients.  Free yourself from the limitations of in-person visits without sacrificing access to necessary patient information or your ability to deliver care effectively.  Benefit from a “virtual-first” care model to facilitate better-informed patient engagements at lower costs while increasing the productivity of your care team. Excelicare’s rich portfolio of integrated solutions extend your footprint beyond the walls of your office, all while fitting within your established business workflows and operations.

With Excelicare’s Virtual Consult, providers can connect with patients anywhere, anytime using Excelicare’s secure Telehealth, chat, and email solutions; all with the confidence of having your patient’s information at your fingertips while being able to easily collaborate with other members of the care team.  Meanwhile, patients can rest easier knowing that they have access to care on-demand, with less risk of exposure in a waiting room, or having to unnecessarily spend time commuting to receive care.

Better patient data drives better care delivery resulting in better patient outcomes.  When coupled with Excelicare’s myCarepod mobile app, Excelicare’s Virtual Care solutions give providers the ability to actively and passively monitor their patients’ health and wellness.  Providers can also conduct symptomatology assessments, push educational material, track trends, and identify anomalies or deviations in a patient’s biometric data. 

With Excelicare’s Virtual Care solutions, providers in the US have the tools necessary to effectively participate in Medicare’s Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) program.

Excelicare’s Virtual Care solutions, enable providers to actively monitor their patients’ health and deliver ongoing support, without the need for in-person visits. This is particularly important for individuals with long-term conditions who often require ongoing monitoring and management.

With Excelicare’s Virtual Care solutions, providers can take advantage of at-home health and wellness trackers for regular updates on their patients’ vital signs and other health indicators, such as glucose levels or blood pressure. This facilitates earlier detection of changes in a patient’s health and helps the care team to proactively intervene to avoid condition exacerbations. 

Unlock your ability to meet with patients when and where they need and do so in a cost-effective manner that places a comprehensive set of integrated tools at your fingertips.  With Excelicare’s Virtual Care solutions, now more than ever, you can stay on top of the health of patients without the need for in-person visits while reducing unnecessary care team overhead with solutions that support your operational workflows.

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