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Improve Outcomes, Enrich Patient Experience and Lower Costs with Care Management Software

Excelicare® medical health technology helps you gain new insight into your patient populations in order to improve outcomes at lower costs, while delivering peace of mind and higher confidence to patients that their issues are being addressed.


We Harmonize Data so You Can Harmonize Care.

By aggregating and harmonizing administrative, clinical and patient data from disparate sources, our healthcare software solutions work alongside and support your existing healthcare systems.

defined care pathways

Provide a holistic, harmonized view of health and defined care pathways.

eliminate health information gaps

Eliminate health information gaps to improve decision making.

optimize care efficacy

Optimize efficacy of care plans set by physicians, pharmacists, and others.

Improve Outcomes with Analytics.

Look beyond the data available in EHRs to discern trends and discover care opportunities – whether in the context of a single patient or a population. By aggregating and harmonizing data from claims, care encounters, EHRs, and also from patients themselves, our patient flow solutions enable proactive interventions and coordinated care delivery through rule-driven alerts and notifications.

actionable analytics

Take advantage of proactive, real-time, actionable analytics at the point-of-care.

track clinical quality indicators

Track clinical quality indicators and manage deviations from care standards.

segment population by disease

Segment populations by disease, risk, or other criterion.


determine optimal interventions

Determine optimal set of interventions for each sub-population.

collect data and track interventions

Collect data and track interventions to measure impact on outcomes.

Improve Outcomes with Empowered Patients.

Instill peace of mind and confidence in your patients by providing them with the tools to be active participants in their health and wellbeing, including easy to use health record software in a mobile app.

  • Enable patients to access their complete medical history with personal health records software.
  • Engage them with personalized care plans, educational materials and trends from integrated health trackers.
  • Empower them to securely communicate with their Care Circle and enlist their support.
device appointments

We Bring Care Full Circle.

Care Circles surround individuals with support from professional and personal caregivers, with harmonized information and tools to drive care plan adherence.


tablet app


The individual’s physician can gain a holistic view of their patient’s health record with near real-time updates, eliminating information gaps to improve decision-making and care plan efficacy.

Family & Friends

Family and friends can stay ‘in the loop’ of their loved one’s progress, and use private, secure communication tools to easily communicate with the individual and other Care Circle members.


The individual’s pharmacist can monitor adherence to prescription regimens, be alerted if the patient is missing doses, and ensure the most accurate medication reconciliation.


Any specialists brought into the Care Circle can instantly access the patient’s robust personal health record, and begin adding their own care regimens for integration into the broader care plan.

Physical Therapists

Physical therapists that join the Care Circle can share therapy plans and progress reports that automatically update the patient’s personal health record, so that the individual and their caregivers can access the most current status of therapy results at any time.

Professional or Community Care Managers

Other professional or community care managers assigned to the individual are able to optimize care and intervention according to physician- and pharmacist-defined rules.


The individual at the center of the Care Circle is empowered to proactively manage their care and well-being, modify their behaviors, and adhere to their care plan.

Improve Outcomes at Lower Cost.

All of the above healthcare software systems and technologies combine to enable you to deliver better care at lower cost.

  • Make faster, more informed decisions at the point of care.
  • Reduce readmissions through proactive monitoring and timely interventions when needed.
  • Give patients easy-to-use tools to foster improved care plan adherence and wellness.

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