Patient Engagement

Excelicare® Patient Engagement

Excelicare’s commitment to empowering patients underpins the patient-centric approach of our solutions. We believe that a better informed and better-connected patient can significantly influence the healthcare experience, while also improving patient outcomes and managing costs.  Excelicare’s portfolio of patent engagement solutions are designed with this philosophy in mind.

Empower patients to play a more active role in their personal health and wellness with Excelicare’s myCarepod app. Available on both iOS and Android, myCarepod is securely integrated with your Excelicare system and provides your patients with a rich set of personalized, targeted capabilities at their fingertips.

With myCarepod, patients are able to securely view and manage their health information, communicate with physicians, receive tailored educational content related to their needs, participate in wellness surveys, and receive automated notifications from their care providers.

Excelicare’s Care Circles surround patients with support from professional and personal caregivers, using harmonized information and integrated tools to track wellness, drive care adherence, and proactively intervene if necessary.

Patients can designate individuals to act as their proxy, allow others to participate in communications with their care team, and allow access to view their health records. At all times, patients retain full control and can easily revoke an individual’s access.

“Excelicare and its associated patient-centered app myCarepod has transformed our service at every level. Excelicare’s flexibility in data collection and visualisation has transformed the way we deliver our current service and provides robust data for future research and innovation within SBH Scotland”

Chief Executive Officer,
Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus, Scotland

Connect virtually with patients using Excelicare’s Telehealth solution. Offering a streamlined user experience for providers, patients, and administrators, Excelicare’s Telehealth solution integrates with Zoom and Microsoft Teams deployments. Excelicare also offers an out-of-the-box solution as well as bespoke integrations to other video providers.

Excelicare’s Telehealth solution integrates with Excelicare’s Scheduling services and workflows to present a seamless experience to users.

Excelicare’s Online Booking solution gives patients greater control in arranging and managing their healthcare appointments, within the parameters that you define. The user-friendly, intuitive web interface allows patients to easily search for available appointments, cancel existing appointments, or reschedule an existing appointment. Patients can also be provided a ‘passcode’ to unlock access to appointments and services that are otherwise reserved or restricted.

Engage patients with pre-appointment questionnaires to better understand their condition in advance of an appointment. Follow-up with post-appointment questionnaires to capture patient’s satisfaction as well as information on any changes in their health since their appointment. Questionnaires can be automated to be sent at an appropriate time or based on other specific criteria.  

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