Case Studies

Excelicare® Case Studies

Powering Scotland’s National Sexual Health Services

In this case study, learn how Excelicare helps NHS Scotland to meet the evolving needs of its many regional Sexual Health Services and the patients they serve.  With Excelicare’s Sexual Health Solution, users can now access the complete health records of patients and leverage automated worklists to more effectively deliver care; while patients benefit from easier access to available services and confidence that they are being served by a robust, modern sexual health system

Setting the benchmark for a comprehensive HIV Electronic Patient Record

In this case study, learn how Excelicare in collaboration with HIV Consultants from NHS Scotland implemented a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use and customizable solution to meet the complex needs of HIV Services and the patients they serve nationally. Compliant with the NHS Digital’s HARS data set, Excelicare’s HIV Module provides Health Boards across Scotland with a common secure solution and a consistent data model for HIV, facilitating real-time reporting including at the National level.

Empowering Patients to be Active Owners of Their Health & Wellbeing

In this case study, learn how Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus, Scotland leverages Excelicare’s myCarepod application to support their patients and caregivers. With myCarepod, SBHS’ patients are better able to manage their own physical and mental health; while care providers have greater insight to more effectively monitor and evaluate patient progress.