Referral Management

Excelicare® Referral Management

The Excelicare Referral Management Solution (RMS) significantly improves the ability of healthcare providers to effectively manage referrals across their clinical network.

With powerful referral tracking features, the solution facilitates timely access to care for patients while streamlining the management of wait times for specialists by providing a single integrated view of available appointments across a network of hospitals, clinics, and specialists.

Excelicare’s RMS allows central intake/referral teams to easily receive and manage the processing of a referral and is designed to complement existing workflows and processes – from intake to clinic to specialist to discharge.

Supporting both fax-based and electronic referrals, it offers a bi-directional interface that allows information to be easily viewable by users from their EMRs. The interface supports sending status updates, documentation, and communications back to the referring provider, ensuring that they are kept up to date on the progress of their referrals.

Intuitive data capture forms, documentation tools and reporting tools allow users to easily receive and manage referrals across their clinical network throughout the process.

All data entered into Excelicare is easily accessible from the suite of reporting tools provided, and users can also leverage familiar reporting tools to generate custom reports. A set of standard reports is available out of the box.

“With this platform, we’re seeing improvement in referral management which results in better access to care for patients. Reporting requirements are as simple as the click of a button.”

Project Manager,
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre,
Holland Orthopaedic and Arthritic Site

In addition to its comprehensive Referral Tracker Dashboard, Excelicare’s RMS provides a unique summary view of the patient’s longitudinal health record from which users can easily understand and navigate a patient’s record including their complete referral history. Meanwhile, intelligent forms ensure that patient data is always captured consistently and uniformly. 

Eliminate guesswork with Excelicare’s geo-location assignment algorithms to automatically assign referrals to the nearest available clinician or service. And leverage standard Referral Forms to capture information such as communication details, patient and service readiness/delays, location and site, clinician assignment, ownership, and status.

Excelicare facilitates connections to regional and hospital systems and offers a wide variety of standards-based integrations using our HL7, FHIR and API adaptors.

In Canada, Excelicare supports e-Referrals via Ontario’s FHIR standard or using Excelicare’s eReferral API gateway. A bi-directional interface is supported for e-Referrals ensuring that status updates, communications, and documentation for the patient are sent back to the referring provider. Within Ontario, Excelicare’s integration with the Ocean eReferral Network allows providers to send e-Referrals to Excelicare directly from their EMR.

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