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Our Healthcare Platform:
Enabling a New Standard of Collaborative Care.

The Excelicare® platform is an open, extensible, cloud-based technology platform grounded upon a multi-dimensional clinical data repository and offering superior interoperability capabilities. It has the ability to dynamically construct, for each patient, a coherent, longitudinal health record from the information on that patient contained in existing EHRs, claims repositories and other data sources.

Excelicare facilitates the creation of connected healthcare communities, enabling care to be coordinated across sectors, specialties and disciplines.


A Proven and Trusted Platform.

Excelicare is an ever evolving platform that has been in continuous use supporting value-based healthcare in diverse clinical settings for over 17 years. It is now in its 6th generation, has over 45,000 registered users and supports nearly 10 million patients through implementations in the UK, The Republic of Ireland, the US and Canada. It has been recognized for its innovation and market-leading capabilities by global organizations such as Gartner, IDC and Frost & Sullivan.

A multi-dimensional, extensible, clinical data repository hosting a secure electronic patient record.

Robust interoperability with other EHRs.

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A care protocol-driven workflow engine, including notification, verification, and auto-escalation.

Analytics for population health management.

The Value of Open, the Benefits of Cloud.

Designed for extensibility, our SaaS offering allows for easy adoption, economic efficiency and the rapid deployment of new innovative services, including approved third-party solutions with other healthcare IT software companies, as healthcare delivery models evolve.

high availability security and performance

Ensures high availability, high performance, and high security.

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open apis

Facilitates a partner ecosystem with open APIs for added innovative services.

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