Population Health Management

Excelicare® Population Health Management

Improve insight to your patients’ health and streamline their care using Excelicare’s Population Health Management (PHM) solution. Delivering a comprehensive suite of capabilities, Excelicare’s PHM solution gives providers the tools to more effectively deliver targeted care by leveraging capabilities such as:

  • condition-based patient stratification
  • care management tracking 
  • personalized patient engagement
  • intelligent alerts and notification
  • tailored analytics

Excelicare’s longitudinal patient-health records, created by aggregating and harmonizing patient data from disparate sources, reveal richer insight to the health and wellbeing of patients.  Excelicare’s PHM solution equips providers with a powerful set of tools to unlock and act on that insight.

From discerning trends across patient cohorts relative to predefined criteria, to automatically identifying next steps aligned with your clinical workflows, Excelicare facilitates the active care management of patients.

Having access to your patients’ longitudinal health records is great, but data can be overwhelming.  That’s why Excelicare provides proven tools to help you easily navigate and act on that wealth of information.

Excelicare’s PHM solution gives providers the ability to manage cohorts of patients based on identified and tracked data and is particularly useful in the management of patients with long-term conditions. Providers can easily define and apply care registries to effectively identify and stratify patients based on specific health conditions and other criteria.

When applied in conjunction with Excelicare’s Virtual Care and Patient Engagement solutions, providers are better equipped to track, manage, and deliver targeted care to patients who are dealing with chronic conditions.  And, just as important, providers improve their ability to identify and to proactively engage and establish personalized care regimens with patients who are at rising risk of developing chronic conditions.

With Excelicare’s PHM solution, providers are able to proactively intervene to avoid condition exacerbations and reduce the potential for expensive acute care episodes.

Be confident that the right care gets delivered at the right time by the right member of the care team, consistent with approved patient care pathways. Take advantage of secure collaboration capabilities including Telehealth, email, and chat to engage patients using their preferred mode. And automatically push targeted educational content and wellness surveys, empowering patients to take a more active role in their care.

With Excelicare’s Population Health Management solution, providers can embrace a new paradigm of patient-centric care delivery.

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