Sexual Health

Excelicare® Sexual Health

The Excelicare Sexual Health solution is a user-friendly clinical system designed to meet the unique requirements of sexual health services.

Designed in conjunction with Sexual Health departments across the UK, Excelicare’s Sexual Health solution has a proven track record with wide use across the NHS in England since 2008. It is also the national Sexual Health solution for Scotland where it has been in continuous service for 15 years.

Highly scalable, the solution easily meets the needs of both small sexual health services and large regional services, enabling seamless collaborative care between staff, different clinic locations, specialties, and patients.

actionable analytics Patients seen
track clinical quality indicators Appointments processed
segment population by disease Tests requested and processed

determine optimal interventions Active users
collect data and track interventions SMS messages sent per month
segment population by disease Interfaces to Labs, Order Comms and Demographics

Excelicare allows clinical staff to spend more time with patients and less time performing administrative tasks. Clinical data capture forms have been designed to complement the workflow of a Sexual Health service; while automation processes such as sending SMS messages to notify a of their test results and appointment reminders, and auto coding of services and diagnoses for GUMCAD, SRHAD and HARS submissions are all included within Excelicare’s Sexual Health solution.

Patient technologies, such as online booking & triage, self-sample kit requesting, online questionnaires, self-attendance kiosks and more are digitally available to patients.

PHE standard reporting requirements are addressed by a suite of ‘push button’ reports. In addition, all data fed into the solution is accessible within the suite of reporting tools available to users to satisfy additional local reporting needs.

“Excelicare has provided a robust solution for sexual health service in Birmingham since 2010. They have maintained the resilience and security of the system [and] we now operate on their cloud-based solution with robust PEN testing accreditation.”

Consultant Physician in Genito Urinary Medicine and HIV,
Clinical Safety Officer,
University Hospitals Birmingham

Excelicare offers easy integration to core NHS, Trust and Hospital systems and is certified to use the NHS Summary Care Record (SCR) and Patient Demographics Service (PDS). The solution integrates with a Hospital’s/Trust’s Order Comm and Labs systems to enable seamless order requesting and results management. 

Excelicare also provides automated patient SMS results notifications and worklists for results management, allowing for more streamlined operations and efficient delivery of services.

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