Practive Health, Inc. Acquires AxSys Technology Ltd. and Will Operate Under the Brand Name Excelicare, Powering a Next-Generation Healthcare Platform

October 17, 2016

Practive Health, Inc. Acquires AxSys Technology Ltd. and Will Operate Under the Brand Name Excelicare, Powering a Next-Generation Healthcare Platform

Merger brings together synergistic clinical and technical expertise of both teams to deliver breakthrough collaborative care solutions for provider and patient empowerment.

Practive Health Inc., an emerging leader in complex healthtech systems, announced that it has acquired AxSys Technology Ltd., a pioneer in collaborative care solutions, and will operate under a new global brand, Excelicare®. The acquisition represents a coming together of two deeply experienced teams with synergistic expertise in both clinical practice and digital health technologies – which have both been at the forefront of delivering patient-centric, value-based solutions that empower providers with the tools and data they need to manage and improve health across the continuum of care. This merged entity will continue to leverage the Excelicare platform, proven in practice for over 15 years, to deliver breakthrough solutions to national health services, accountable care organizations and other patient-centered, multi-disciplinary healthcare communities globally.

The Excelicare platform was developed by AxSys Technology in 2000 based on the experience of two NHS doctors following careers spanning 20 years of clinical practice. During that time they saw how care delivery was becoming more fragmented, inefficient, and delivered based on the priorities and availability of providers rather than the needs of patients. They realized the critical need for a patient’s clinical information to be shared across multi-disciplinary care teams, and architected the platform in a way that allowed that information to be collected from disparate sources, aggregated, curated and semantically organized to provide a clinically relevant, business-efficient data repository. Building upon this foundation, AxSys has developed a variety of solutions targeting health information exchange, clinical integration, care coordination, population health management, and patient empowerment, including a number of specialty-specific EHRs. In aggregate, these solutions currently have over 15,000 registered users managing nearly 6 million patients in the UK, North America and the Republic of Ireland.

Practive Health is a group of pioneering technologists, physicians, and executives committed to the delivery of better healthcare through the application of innovative information technologies. The team brings more than 165 years of combined experience in the development and delivery of complex software systems, as well as a deep understanding of how to meet the needs of providers, patients, and caregivers. They saw the challenge that AxSys Technology was addressing and recognized a novel opportunity to change the way healthcare is being delivered in today’s increasingly distributed environments.

“The Excelicare platform is unique in its fundamental approach to creating a coherent, clinically meaningful, longitudinal patient record, and the flexibility it affords for addressing many of the challenges involved in building clinically integrated networks,” said Cliff Meltzer, CEO of Practive Health. “It can enable better health at lower cost through more effective care partnerships between empowered patients and all those who care for them. We are committed to building upon the success achieved by AxSys with the Excelicare platform and continuing to deliver innovative solutions for value-based care. We will continue to support all of our clients globally to their highest expectations and look forward to bringing them with us on our journey.”

“We are excited for the opportunity to join forces with Practive Health and apply the Excelicare platform to the critical global problems of fragmented care, increasing costs and poor patient engagement – by empowering patients and physicians alike,” said Pradeep Ramayya, MBBS, FRCA, CEO of AxSys Technology.

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